How to avoid the pitfalls of self insurance

It is forbidden to drive a car without having insurance. Anyone who escapes this law can run great risks. However, this is not always easy for some to choose the right insurance. So we provide you with useful information to make the right choice. This allows you to avoid a very expensive bill for your insurance. - We must make the right choice when you buy your car. Because the value of the vehicle and power can influence the cost of your insurance. In fact the car is more powerful, the risk of accidents is high. That is why insurers majorise bonus. - Finding the right insurance: There are several insurance companies with different policies. There are those who care more about profitability, which increases premiums or decline some new drivers or some large cars, while others are concerned about the expansion of their customer base and accept all customers with competitive rates . - The type of insurance: to opt for a "third party insurance" if you do not have a very expensive car. It is a main insurance. In other words it is a civil nature. It is mandatory for all drivers. It covers damage caused by the driver to a third party (pedestrians, cyclists, etc.) however it does not support the driver and his car accident. It also covers any damage caused by your vehicle as well in case of a loan or theft. Specifically, even if you lend your vehicle to a third party and the latter commits an accident, the damage is covered by the insurer, as well as the passengers are taken into account. This insurance is recommended for anyone who has a car with a small value. - Have an insurance intermediary: This completes the liability insurance. It supports the driver and his car accident, collision, theft of the car, fire or natural disaster. But it differs depending on the company and the agreements between the insured and the insurer.

- Comparison of estimates: You can compare prices of insurers via their website. Indeed, insurance rates vary greatly from one insurer to another. This allows you to make considerable savings. All insurers allow you a few minutes on the internet without any prior commitment. Do not hesitate to do so and find the best auto insurance for your profile.

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