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Optimize Your investment growth
With 105.26% allocation from the Total Premium (Single Premium + Single Top Up), your investment growth will be maximized in the future.

Life, Accidental Death and Disability protection which provide convenience
Optima Care Invest provides protection 150% of single premium in events of death*, death benefits given twice in events of accidental death, and benefits up to 150% of single premium in events of disability***

No medical Checkup and No Additional Cost
No medical checkup up to sum assured of IDR 300,000,000/ USD 30,000; no charges for admin fee, top up fee and switching cost****

Variety of Investment Instrument
You can choose investment instrument according to your risk profile and option to invest in the Indonesian and Asia Pacific capital market.

Flexible Surrender Benefit
Should the policy holders surrender the policy at any time while the policy is still active, then the policy's fund value at the time of the surrender transaction will be paid to the policy holder

Death Benefit**
150% Single Premium + Investment Value (up to 75 years old)

Disability Benefit due to Accident***
Up to 150% Single Premium + Investment Value (Up to 65 years old)

Accidental Death Benefit
300% Single Premium + Investment Value (up to 65 years old)

Maturity Benefit
Investment Value

Optima Care Invest provides Critical Illness Plus (CI Plus) as additional (rider) coverage as an option to policy holders CI Plus provides additional compensation up to 70 years of age for first-time diagnosis of 49 Major Diseases.

Remarks: ***) This benefit is accelerated which will reduce the sum assured for accidental death benefit.

****) No medical checkup applies to certain Allianz products held by customers. Free of charges for switching transaction up to 4 times/ year, Switching 5 onwards will be charged IDR 50,000/ USD 5 per transaction.

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