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I was referred to the CVS caremark pharmacy by my insurance company. Apparently this company was the only one that I could use to order my medications. I spoke with the representative on Friday January 27th around 2 pm EST. I placed the order for refill of my medications and was told that the medication was supposed to be delivered on Saturday. Luckily I called the caremark on Saturday myself to confirm the delivery. Otherwise I would have...Read more › Was this review helpful? 00

My son was diagnosed with ADD and his doctor prescribed Vyvanse. He took it for 3 months and it was life changing. His grades, attitude and overall well being improved astronomically. Then Jan 2017 Caremark decided they didn't want to pay for it anymore. His doctor sent MULTIPLE appeals and we were ultimately denied. Today he has to start on a new medication. "Thanks" for FORCING us to "experiment" with new medication instead of allowing us to...Read more › Was this review helpful? 00

My insurance requires me to use CVS Caremark for any 90 day maintenance drugs. My wife has a history of reaction to some generics and requires named drugs in two instances. CVS will NOT fill one prescription routinely and hassles me every 90 days. Today, online I refilled 4 prescriptions for my wife. When I tried to add this one it showed a price of $432. I was expecting $130, which has been true all year and conforms to the formulary. I called...Read more › Was this review helpful? 00

  • Jan 21
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I just joined CVS Caremark. I was using another online pharmacy prior and wanted to transfer my maintenance medication to Caremark. Long story short, I called, was told to call either my old pharmacy or my doctor. I called my doctor, they said Caremark had to send over a form (Caremark's website says they'll work with your doctor). I called Caremark back to have them send the form, and the woman tells me that my doctor is not in their system and...Read more › Was this review helpful? 00

I had a prescription transferred to CVS Caremark Specialty Pharmacy (from a different pharmacy) to check my insurance benefits. When it was determined that my prescription was not covered, I asked to have CVS transfer the prescription back to the pharmacy that sent to them in the first place. They would not do it, and held my prescription hostage (like they owned it, even though they never had it to begin with). They placed me on hold multiple...Read more › Was this review helpful? 00

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  • Jan 03
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Cvs Caremark prescription card is too much red tape ! Back & forth, I did not get my BP medicine for 3 days. I like Wegmans pharmacy in Sterling Va & Cosco pharmacy in Sterling Va! I will be nice I will give ⭐️ To Kelly in Tennessee Caremark. After talking to 3 Caremark Rep. I hope for the best!

I had a phone conversation with David this morning. I questioned him on an appeal for my deductible. He provided the address to mail the appeal as Room MC109, PO Box 52084. At this point I stopped him as that could not be correct. I told him to please direct me to someone to tell me an address for an appeal. He put me on hold for 30 minutes and then told me no one else was available. It's insulting to try and reason with David as he obviously...Read more › Was this review helpful? 00

I am forced to use CVS Caremark, because the company I work for obviously did not research other options. I have 2 scrips that I need to take daily. CVS refused to pay for these, they want me to go through the mail order bullS___t. I am out of the meds on Christmas. I called CVS, I called My HR dept., I call cooporate HR and got no help, CVS told me to call my doctor to have a new scrip for 3 months @ local CVS. My current scrip is 4X more. CVS...Read more › Was this review helpful? 00

Had been on the phone for more than 2 hours after receiving the wrong amount of medicine i received. They would not even take it back! For some reason, they love to send you as fewer amount of medicine as possible ao that they can make more money! They blame your doctor or they will have you call your insurance company but they can't and won't help you as a patient or customer at all!!! Heartless and money hunger people! Hope they will ran out...Read more › Was this review helpful? 00

  • Dec 12, 2016
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I recently quit a CVS location based upon my terrible experience being employed by them. For starters I applied for a part-time cashier position, I was brought in for an interview at a completely different CVS than I applied for and offered hours I didn't put on my availability. I work a full time job also so that didn't work. A week later I was called for an interview at the store I actually applied for, but no one mentioned that this was for a...Read more › Was this review helpful? 00

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