What is Spousal carve out

Buying a house together indicates that the house would be marital  property. A waiver signed before purchase means that either spouse  is relinquishes any claim to the prope … 1 person found this useful

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Spousal abuse is two people living together and it doesn't matter if they are married or not and they are verbally or physically attacked by their partner. It just isn't men t … 6 people found this useful

Probably not, the person under most U.S. state laws would not be considered a spouse if they were not legally married. There are a few states that still recognize common law m … 3 people found this useful

The legal definition of abandonment is, "The act by which a person abandons and forsakes, without justification, a condition of public, social, or family life, renouncing its… 16 people found this useful

Simply put, it means that your spouse (husband - wife) either must agree, or IS in agreement with whatever it is that is being discussed or proposed.2 people found this useful

A spousal IRA is a type of retirement account for a single person where the person's spouse can put money into the account for them if the spouse is working and the partner wh … 2 people found this useful

  Carving is simply changing the shape of a material usually using tools. Wood and stone are the most popular materials used but anything solid can be carved. tools can… 6 people found this useful

I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW THE WORDING THAT GOES INTO THE SPOUSAL WAIVER. The "Spousal Waiver of 703.140b exemptions" that I am referring to in this answer is actually called the… 5 people found this useful

  there are many factors to be considered :   Length of marriage   What each person needs   What each person pays and can pay   Whether having job makes it har … 11 people found this useful

"requirements" ... these vary by jurisdiction but typically spousal support is temporary, to give the spouse opportunity to become self-sufficient.2 people found this useful

  You may be eligable for thrree hots and a cot!4 people found this useful

InDivorce and Marriage Law If you're in the US, you might be able to get temporary spousal support during a legal separation (I say 'might', because spousal support is not always awarded).2 people found this useful

InDivorce and Marriage Law The legal definition of spousal abandonment is defined when one  spouse leaves without consent, and remains away from the other  spouse without any type of emotional, physic …

The only way to get spousal support is to have a judge award the  support during a divorce. An attorney can help you file the  necessary paperwork for spousal support.

Spousal infidelity is not a crime. The concept of a statute of  limitations does not apply.

InDivorce and Marriage Law You can stop spousal maintenance when the court that orders it  approves stopping it. That is generally when the spouse dies,  remarries, or their financial condition change …

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