Tesco Roadside Assistance and Breakdown Insurance

Tesco break down recovery and assistance is now provided by the RAC, previously it had been provided by Green Flag.  The key differences between the two are in the levels of cover offered, with the Tesco breakdown policies only offering a limited number of options. Personal cover, where you rather than the car is insured against breakdown, is not available from Tesco, only vehicle cover is available.

In addition, Tesco breakdown cover can only be taken out if your car is under 10 years old, this differs to the RAC who will allow cars older than 10 years old to be insured providing you choose Personal Cover or the At Home or Recovery options with vehicle cover.

Tesco offers three different types of breakdown cover, Value Breakdown Cover, Standard Breakdown Cover and Finest Breakdown Cover.

Tesco value breakdown cover is available for £28 at the writing.

Under the terms of the policy, an RAC patrol will attend to you in the event you breakdown providing you are at least a quarter of a mile (1/4 mile) from your home. In the event your car cannot be repaired at roadside, the RAC will take the car plus up to 8 people to a destination of your choosing within 10 miles of where you have broken down.

Tesco Value Breakdown Coveris identical to both the basic RAC roadside assistance cover and the AA Roadside Assistance policy and costs exactly the same price as both of these.

Tesco Standard Breakdown Cover costs £65 at the time of writing.

The Standard Cover is the same as the Value Cover policy but in addition, removes the 1/4 mile restriction. This therefore allows you to call out the RAC if your car won't start at home or you breakdown within a quarter mile of your house or flat.

This cover is the equivalent of the AA Home Start service and the RAC At Home Service but is slightly cheaper than both of these policies.

Tesco Finest Breakdown Cover costs £89 at the time of writing.

The Tesco Finest Breakdown Service includes the same cover as the value and standard packages, in addition it also includes Recovery and Onward Travel cover.

With Recovery in the event the RAC cannot fix your car at the roadside they will take your vehicle plus up to 8 people to any location you specify in the UK. The Recovery option can also be used in the event you take ill and no one else in the car is able to drive, although in this instance you will have to produce a doctor's certificate to this effect and even then it is only available at the discretion of Tesco.

While with Onward Travel cover, you are entitled to one of three benefits in the event your car cannot be fixed at the roadside or at your home. These are

  • Replacement car hire for up to one day
  • Alternative transport costs for up to 8 people at standard class, this benefit is capped to £100 per person or £300 in total for the group
  • Bed and breakfast costs for up to 8 people in a hotel of Tesco's choosing. This benefit is capped at £50 per person or £300 in total for the group, which ever is less.

The Tesco Finest cover is cheaper than the equivalent cover from both the AA (National Recovery and Stay Mobile options) and the RAC (Recovery and Onward Travel options). However, it is more restrictive for example both the RAC and the AA will provide a hire car for up to three days while the Tesco policy will only provide the hire car for one day. While the RAC limits per person for alternate transport and hotels are £150 per person and £500 in total. and the AA has not cap in place.

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