Live Auto Auction of IAA Insurance Cars, Nigeria /Ghana

    Auction # City State Vehicles Time to Start      
  707View Lane Atlanta East GA 376 In Progress    
  516View Lane Detroit MI 469 In Progress    
  725View Lane Tidewater VA 412 In Progress    
  762View Lane Columbia SC 274 In Progress    
  736View Lane Miami-North FL 658 In Progress    
  653View Lane Cincinnati OH 323 In Progress    
  525View Lane Omaha NE 768 In Progress    
  522View Lane Appleton WI 225 In Progress    
  440View Lane Houston-North TX 579 In Progress    
  419View Lane Longview TX 321 In Progress    
  363View Lane Fargo ND 200 In Progress    
  435View Lane Fayetteville AR 536 In Progress    
  428View Lane Grenada MS 186 In Progress    
  623View Lane Hartford CT 331 In Progress    
  628View Lane Syracuse NY 456 In Progress    
  753View Lane Nashville TN 364 In Progress    
  438View Lane Abilene TX 166 In Progress    
  424View Lane Tucson AZ 236 In Progress    
  416View Lane Permian Basin TX 113 In Progress    
  342View Lane Salt Lake City UT 436 In Progress    
  759View Lane New Orleans and Louisiana Flood Sales LA 191 In Progress    
  332View Lane East Bay CA 791 Join in 7 min 7 s    
  134View Lane Los Angeles CA 701 Join in 7 min 7 s    
  308View Lane Portland OR 677 Join in 7 min 7 s    
  133View Lane High Desert CA 125 2 h 37 min 7 s    
  647View Lane Bridgeport PA 220 Complete    
  719View Lane Baltimore MD 328 Complete    
  715View Lane Greensboro NC 222 Complete    
  652View Lane Buckhannon WV 137 Complete    
  737View Lane Pensacola FL 147 Complete    
  645View Lane Burlington VT 83 Complete    

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