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WHO ARE WE? We are the largest source of repairable insurance salvage cars for sale. We have been in the salvage car business since 1976 and we began operating online in 1997. No games, no gimmicks - just one the cheapest ways to buy your next vehicle and our business is backed with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

WHERE DO THESE VEHICLES COME FROM? Direct from the 32 major insurance companies. We provide an inventory of more than 15,000 repairable salvage vehicles plus government surplus fleet vehicles, bank repos and project cars for sale. Vehicles are located and sold from inventory lots set up at multiple locations across the USA and select cities in Canada, United Kingdom and Germany. Purchase online or in-person.

WHAT ARE INSURANCE SALVAGE VEHICLES? They are insured cars, suvs, trucks, motorcycles, boats, snowmobiles, jet skis, atvs, rvs, aircraft and industrial vehicles that can be theft recovered or have sustained damage from collision, vandalism, floods and typically sell for 1/2 to 1/3 of Kelley Blue Book or NADA values.

DO THESE VEHICLES HAVE TITLES? Yes, each vehicle is sold with a title and all applicable sales documents.


Transactions can be conducted online or in-person from inventory lots set up at multiple locations all across the USA and select cities in Canada, United Kingdom and Germany. Use a credit card, bank wires, PayPal, cashier's check or cash to purchase vehicles.

WHAT KIND OF VEHICLES ARE AVAILABLE? Virtually every make, model and year of cars, trucks, suvs, rvs, motorcycles, jet skis, atvs, boats, aircraft, tractors, forklifts, semi trucks, trailers and industrial vehicles. More than 15,000 salvage vehicles for sale at multiple inventory locations setup across the USA and in select cities in Canada, UK and Germany. Purchase online or in-person.

IS THERE INVENTORY DATABASE TO SEARCH FOR VEHICLES? Yes, an exclusive online inventory database for you to search and view at least 15,000 salvage vehicles currently for sale. Inventory listings are updated daily. Vehicle information includes 10 photos, description of condition, list of options, location, VIN, make/model, year, mileage, repair estimate and if it starts and runs. See Inventory Database.


Yes, repairable salvage vehicles are sold at deeply discounted prices, they are typically 1/2 to 1/3 of the Kelley Blue Book or NADA values.

DO YOU NEED A LICENSE TO BUY THESE VEHICLES? No, you do not need any kind of special license or permit to purchase these vehicles.

WHAT DOES IT COST TO DELIVER OR EXPORT THESE CARS? You can pick up these vehicles yourself from any inventory location or we can provide licensed, bonded and insured transport companies that specialize in delivering salvage vehicles at the best rates. Rates for an open carrier are typically 50 cents per mile and $1.00 per mile for enclosed carriers. Motorcycles can be shipped coast to coast for approximately $350. We provide Customs brokerage services to arrange exporting to all locations worldwide.

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