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Car Design For Students Car Design For Students - Modified cars ideas here, partecipated to a school sponsored project presentation, Transportation Design Dept.
I was directly interested in it because I have managed that project for the last six months and it was the final day.
That morning I was excited to arrive in school because I espected a well organized presentation from the last six selected finalists. When it is the final day there is always something magic in the air, a bit of stress, students that are putting the last sketches up on the wall, cleaning the scale models, orientating better the spot lights at so on...

When I got there I went in the Chair of Dept. office and we talked a bit about the timing, the order of presentations, the photos to take, we drank our hot coffee and left the office to go in the show room. I had my schedule program.

In about two hours the presentation was over, every student had the same time to present his/her work and model, I took few minutes to express my opinion about positive and negative aspects of each project. My objective was, and always is, to give a constuctive critic to make sure that every student has the opportunity to get the deserved compliments but also a clear "what is left to do" in order to be the best.I tell you that everybody had good 2D and 3D works, their progress was really evident on the last day, their sketchbooks were also a signal of their progress and improuvements.

Their weak point was the way thay where presenting their own projects, it was a sad show, not very motivating with a lack of simple rules to respect to make a good quick presentation.

So for each one I tried to explaine what type of mistakes they were making over and over again.

I'll write them down so that you can read it and think of it on your next presentation:

1.You are telling about your story to an audience not to your board of drawings, look at us and smile!

2.You are talking about Design philosophy, your design vision...do not overdue it...it gets boaring! Remember this: Title, short explanation, conclusion remarking your project objective. Total not more than 3 or 4 minutes time, after question time (and smile).
3.In front of an audience you are selling yourself, YES YOU DO! So speak clearly, do not wisper and do not be to loud,do not move too much your hands or body unless you'll look soon like a clown and people will loose concentration about your concept.
4.You make a mistake while speaking? Do not excuse yourself, just keep going and do not worry.
5. If you get negative critics do not insist about your design vision, just listen and let it go (even if you are right).
6.Be open minded, do not fall in love with your project 100% because this means you will not be objective about critics you will receive.

Now to learn how to present is not authomatic, so it is normal that young students and designers have hard time in coordinating all this. At the same time I believe that every design school today should pay more attention to this aspect for the good of their students future like it is done in ACCD Pasadena, CCS Detroit, IAAD Turin.

Good luck!

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