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Accidents can happen regardless of how skilled a driver is. Having car insurance is the best way to manage risk. Its main purpose is to protect you from unexpected expenses in case your car gets damaged or stolen, or in case anyone riding your car gets injured. With car insurance, you don’t have to spend thousands on repairs or hospital bills. The extra protection gives you peace of mind every time you hit the road.

How to Claim Car Insurance

In cases of a vehicular accident, you can file a claim with your insurance provider for repairs or other forms of indemnification. Learn more about the steps and requirements for claiming car insurance at this page where you can locate the car insurance contact details.

How Does Car Insurance Work?

Car insurance provides financial protection for vehicle owners, especially in cases where cars are involved in accidents, bodily injuries, and theft. Learn more about how car insurance works at this page.

What is Compulsory Third-Party Liability insurance?

Compulsory Third-Party Liability insurance (CTPL) is an insurance cover required by the Land Transportation Office (LTO) for all vehicle owners when they register a vehicle. Learn more about what CTPL insurance covers at this page.

What is Comprehensive Car Insurance?

Comprehensive insurance offers greater protection than CTPL insurance. It provides car insurance coverage for accidents that are not the result of a collision, such as flooding, theft, or fire. Learn more about comprehensive car insurance at this page.

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