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If you’ve built your car from the ground up then you’ve most likely grown somewhat attached. When you lack the right to retain to salvage on a policy it means upon payout for a write-off claim your kit car becomes the property of the insurer. They aren’t obliged to let you purchase the car back in its entirety or sell you any parts from the car. “My kit car would be a wreck, why would I want it back?”. Write-offs can occur from purely cosmetic damage, damage that (for example) a kit car builder is not afraid to fix themselves. It gives you further control within the claim process of what happens to your kit car.

Parts Cover

If you’re doing maintenance, restoration etc. Your parts will be covered as long as they’re in the same garage.

UK & EU Breakdown

As standard with our kit car insurance is the highest level of breakdown we have to offer. Includes cover if you breakdown in the UK (including home address) and EU.

Agreed Value Cover

Protect the true value of your kit car with an agreed value, all you need is a valuation. A valuation can be either from an independent source (either a specialist garage or car club) or using our in-house service. Once that’s all done we can look to agree the value of the vehicle.

Multi Vehicle Policies

Why not let us quote on any additional vehicles that you own? The convenience of having all your cars with one broker will save you time and hopefully you’ll save some money in the process and we’ll apply a multi car discount for each vehicle you bring to us.

Laid Up/SORN Cover

Protection whilst your kit car is being built or in storage.

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