Poorvika mobiles Complaints

Vignesh Annadurai Dec 24, 2016

Hi guys pls dont buy any products from poorvika.worst customer service.im totally pissed off with these idiots.today 24th dec 2016 I went to buy samsung J5 from poorvika showroom which is in mahalakshmi nagar near by camproad.first they showed me a mobile which was used by them to show demo to all customers.then I swiped my card and paid the amount.later they packed me the same demo phone.I noticed and told them to offer a new sealed phone.they said they dont have stock.so they'll a new phone bring from velacherry branch,said me to wait for 30 mins.during these conversations they were rude to me except one executive.I waited for an hour but they didnt give any response to me.later I shouted at them for their fraud service and atlast they refunded me after two hours of quarrels.I was ashamed and lost reputation in front of everyone.they treated me so cheap...Please guys pls dont buy any product from poorvika.worst.this is second time im getting cheated by poorvika.

Hi Guys,i got a oppo a37. Executive told me about the mobile specification back camera 16mb and front camera 5mb. after that i bought that mobile and come to home. after two days i searched the mobile specification. back camera 8mb . i am very shocked. i went for poorvika shop. Guys they told me lie..price is increasing.too much fraud .. cheating people ..do not buy the mobiles from poorvika...realy fraud company....Erode Branch. near to BSNL Office..

Prinzz Vijay Oct 10, 2016

I purchased lyf wind 2 from poorvika, the seal was broken wen I purchased the phone. They said it's new but after purchase I took the phone outside and came to its a used phone, went back immediately after 5 min and asked them to give a new phone , they never even cared and did not respond well at all and then I requested for a refund, they never responded and asked to complain with customer care, they said they wil respond as soon as possible but no respond yet, poorvika r cheaters , don't purchase anything from them, I got a second hand phone for the cost of new one, my number 9791085859

Dhanack Sep 22, 2016
Poorvika , The worst one I've seen. I read some horrible return policy about them, so i want to test that by myself, so I went to one of their store at velachery with a hidden camera, I just buy a cheap phone and memorycard for that phone (800+500(for 16gb mem)). That pissed me off. So the sales person told that the phone is capable of handling 16gb memory card and blah blah. But the phone support only 8gb.(after verifying I've seen that). So with a reason i again went to their store just after 30 mins and told them that i want a phone that can support 16gb memory card or replace me new one. Becauae they said it supports 16gb and sell them . The sales person said they neither take return nor give refund because of imei number . I said fine and asked them then take memory card. But they also said they can't do that also, after an hour of talk a other person with the same problem showed. We argued for some time and they give customer care number, useless they are rude and never give me good reason why they won't take the product back and hung up on me( not so friendly customer care). After many hours of argue sales person ready to give me a same phn with 16gb option and took my old bill and nearly weak i dont get any bill they said they will email innovice but didn't. I have all recorded on camera and recorded conversation with customer care on my mobile and i am gonna give to media for public awareness.

Don't trust these mobile resellers , even flipkart and Amazon are amazing compared to these cheaters.

Pavaiganesh May 1, 2016
Recently I purchased Samsung galaxy s7 edge mobile from poorvika showroom at The Forum vijaya mall, Vadapalani on 15th April 2016. I use my mobile and my screen touch started creating troubles. When I enquired with Samsung showroom about the device problem, they said that I have been given a problem mobile. I have one year warranty. But only purchased 1 week... But have lot of issue...

Beware!!! Dont buy mobiles from un poorvika showrooms. Horrible poorvika.... i think *(poor)vika

Suriya H Dec 24, 2015
Recently I purchased Samsung J1 ace mobile from poorvika showroom at The Forum, Vadapalani on 9th Dec. I hardly put the use my phone and my screen touch started creating troubles. When I enquired with Samsung showroom about the issue, they said that I have been given a defective mobile. I have one year warranty yet I have to pay out of my pocket to rectify the issue.

Beware!!! Dont buy mobiles from un authorised showrooms. Otherwise your hard earned penny have to be sacrificed by you.

Ramani TE Dec 23, 2015
Experience with Poorvika, the worst ever in my lifetime : I bought HTC Desire 820 from Poorvika in Jan'15 with a Poorvika Protect Insurance for one year. My mobile malfunctioned in Nov'15 and after running from pillar to post, finally handed over my mobile to them on 4th of Nov'15. Though my mobile is under warranty, they took 10 to 15 days to provide a feedback that it cannot be serviced under warranty and I have to pay Rs.18000/- (cost of phone itself is just over Rs.20000/-). I have advised them to return the phone without any action. Then the actual trouble started for me. I got a call from the Insurance claim wing of Poorvika that instead of returning they would get it rectified or replaced with a new handset. I was happy initially without realizing the turmoil that I have to go through. Around 20th of Nov'15, they have asked me to upload all necessary invoices/insurance copies with ID proof which I promptly did on the same day. It went into cold storage for reasons unknown for atleast 10 days. Adding to this, the chennai rains also contributed and it further delayed by one more week. During this 3 week period I would have called 4 to 5 times and everytime I get to listen to new stories, all conflicting to each other. Finally around the 10th of Dec, I was once again called to suggest uploading the same documents which I sent 3 weeks ago. Once again I did send it within 2 hours. On the 14th of Dec, I got a call stating that my mobile is rectified and would be delivered to me during the week. When I again contacted them on 18th, I was told that the Insurance papers are being scrutinized and I would get a call for replacement of mobile. When I informed that about the previous call from Poorvika that my rectified mobile will be delivered during the week, I was told that the agent who called me has communicated that by mistake. That is the time I realized how worst can a consumer experience with substandard organisations like Poorvika. Again the same story. I was told that I would get a call on 19th, then 21st, 22nd... all these for replacement of my mobile and the difference I need to pay to get a new handset. On 22nd, with a promise to deliver the new handset or 23rd Dec, I was told that Rs.10000/- has been sanctioned and I have been asked to pay an additional Rs.12000/- for the new handset. Though I was advised that to pay on 23rd morning and the handset will reach me the same day, I as usual went and paid the money on 22nd itself, based on my bitter experience in the last 50 days. Though they confirmed that the money has been received, I got a call on 23rd (which is today) asking for more time to deliver the handset. SO, EVEN AFTER ALL THE SCREW UP BY POORVIKA, THERE IS A GENUINE CUSTOMER RELIGIOUSLY FOLLOWING AND ACTING ON THEIR WHIMS AND FANCIES, WITHOUT ANY RESULT, FOR 50 LONG DAYS TO GET A PHONE REPLACED....... Looking back, I suspect that there is a larger scam from the time they sold Insurance to denial of warranty and the option to replace. With lots of disappointment


gopi91827 Dec 22, 2015
Do not insure with Poorvika Royal Sundarayam - Waste of your money, Time and Energy on followup. They are making the process hell and dragging it for months. Customer care people can not understand Simple English written in e-mails. They do not understand anything. In the process of providing their required documents, may be we will have to sale our properties for all I.E Lawyer affidavit, Xerox, Scanning and sending about 12-15 documents, Police NTC, Courier charges, More than all these so much of time in going to Police station, Lawyer, etc by applying the leave to your Job. Finally they will still ask document after another until you get tired. If you think that you have submitted all the documents, they will start showing errors in the documents which they asked us get it in same way. So finally you will get sick of doing all that and give up. Better you give up before buying the insurance form Mobile store itself.

It is absolutely waster of your Time, Money,, Energy and finally upset. This is my experience so far....

muthusamyp Dec 21, 2015

I gave my phone for repair to poorvika pickup for water lock problem due to recent chennai flood. they gave it to pmw care (under insurance) but i read too many negative reviews about pmw care so decided to withdraw phone without repair, someone in the middle opened the phone, i can not claim warranty now. big time cheaters, the mic was working before giving the phone for repair now its not working. never step into poorivka, never ever buy insurance as they will handover it to pmw care who is rated dead low on too many websites i read

surekash Dec 16, 2015
I purchased Intex Aqua Trend from Poorvika Vriddhachalam branch in Sep 2015 and also got their insurance policy for additional INR 450 based on their manager's advice.. They said they will take care any damages, theft etc., for one year.. Unfortunately, the Mobile had a crack on the display on 30 Oct 2015 without any accident or fall.. I had it in my handbag with tiffin box, Purse, house key and mobiles and travel for bus in 30 minutes and when I took it for a call, I noticed the crack on the screen.. I visited the mount road branch on the same day and showed the same to their service guys.. In fact, they inspected it and agreed with me that the mobile was not fallen and there is no damages/dent on the side surfaces.. It was clearly understood that the cause could be something related to manufacturing defect. Since I have their Poorvika pickup and Protect insurance, they asked me to route it through their customer care..I left the phone with their branch staff They picked the phone after 8 days with several follow ups on 17 Nov.. On 23Nov, they simply sent an SMS stating that the repair cost is 4810/- and when I called them, that lady said your insurance claim is rejected..and the insurance is only for accidents.. So I explain detailed for her, then she said transfer the call to the senior officer. You get the call ASAP now, but still i didnt get any call from there. So I call customer care today (11-12-2015) around 12:10pm, again i told my situations, they provide the mail id and ask me to send mail for details.

What is the definition of accidents in Poorvika dictionary? Is it accident by road, something they want so badly? What's the use of insurance when they simply reject after seeing the repair cost too high? The didn't have the basic courtesy of enquiring the customer before rejecting it? They hide behind their customer care girls!.. Come on guys, don't sell something that you can't deliver!

ram santhosh Nov 24, 2015

I have buy lumia640xl .Mic has been repaired . I have gone store for complaints .and then told that mic has reparied for water .i have shock information . I have used in house only but i dont no how he saying .Wastefull of talk .Even thought i didn't take my phone out .
How has been repaired i don't no.There are speech is like local . Even i claimed warranty ,They are not claimed MIc will cost 1400

shameerms Oct 13, 2015

Hello.... I brought a mobile intex aqua trent... After 5 days the camera was not working.. I return to Poorvika they said some software problem and we will make ok or we would change the mobile within 7 days.. But now it been 15day.. Still no response from you staff.. I called your staff they gave another number i called that number he said why you are asking me.. Still your staff no response.. You are saying about the insurance but within 5days you are changing the board how can i use this.. This is very worst CustomerCare ever i met. Im not satisfied with your service.. I want new mobile or i want my money back...

Rajapandian234 Sep 23, 2015
Very Very very Very worst mobile showroom i visited in my life. There is no proper response. I purchased Karbonn opium N9 on 22.05.2015 at arakkonam show room, they sold damaged and duplicate product. from first day itself mobile emitted too much heat. I send for service, while return back they remove my scratch card worth Rs. 800/-. I have called to service center there is no proper response.Again i purschase Micromax, i am unable to open the sim card port. They told this is not my responsible.

Dear Poorvike mobiles owner and management kindly impart discipline & respect to your workers. Otherwise don't give license to some local fellows.

meerakannan Aug 10, 2015

6 months back i purchased a mobile Sony Ericsson Xperia Z1 price 32000/-. There's option network selection (LTE 4G) in all the mobiles my friends purchased. But my mobile there's no option on (LTE 4G) selection i check with service centre. Finally i find out duplicate mobile sold by Poorvika. So don't purchase mobiles in poorvika my kind request i personaly exprenced.

padma nithya Aug 4, 2015
I bought a phone in poorvika which did not last for even 6 months and the paid insurance is also waste in that showroom. Touch was not working in my mobile and when i gave to service center in poorvika they asked me to pay huge and said the insurance is not valid. In simple it is fake and cheating

Pls dont buy here

naveen poy May 6, 2015

Visited the store twice..1st time i and my friend gave his mobile for repair.. Nothing get changed.. Mobile in same condition... But they are getting 250 as charges... For wat they are charging this??... Simply killing the customers for making money... 2 nd time visited the site to get a idea in buying s6 edge.. Doesn't know how to treat the customer... the worst store ever seen

Rakesh Kothari Oct 10, 2014

Recently I purchased mobile (Samsung s4) from poorvika mobile store. One of my friend recommend me to visit poorvika, as they offer mobiles at reasonable rates. The store was in good condition and the staff was polite and humble. They were handling customers in a very good manner. One of them showed me few good mobiles and explained me their functions. I bought Samsung Galaxy S4 in a very impressive price. One should must give a try once and visit it. Thanks a lot to Poorvika's Staff and keep up the good work.

surendersrilatha Sep 26, 2014
I purchased a HTC mobile phone on Poorvika Annanagar Shanthi Colony Branch worth 40,000 in 10 days i had issues in display and given them for service. Its been 45 days till now there is absolutely no response from their side about the exact status of service or about the phone location. I had a doubt whether the phone was missing and approached HTC directly (Phone Zone - T.Nagar) and with their help I came to know that my phone was in Bangalore and they said they will charge me Rs. 9,500 while Poorvika demanded Rs.16,000. We requested the Customer support executive to cancel the service and bring back the phone to chennai office. They were so helpful and also intimated us that on receipt of the phone. Its been two days the phone is lying in Phone Zone the Poorvika has still not taken any initiative to get the phone. Till today they are saying, it will take further 15 days to deliver the instrument. We have made 100's of calls enquiring about the phone till today and they are so irresponsible in responding. Person from Poorvika named Mr. Srinivasan (Ph.No.9003069855) abused me during the inquiry and used vulgar language for contacting him and disconnected the call before we could ask him further. We have purchased 3 HTC phones, 1 Sony, and 1 micro max tab. We faced similar issues in all the pieces. There is something seriously wrong with Poorvika.

Dear all, please be careful while going to poorvika.

chris8885 Sep 25, 2014
I gave a nokia lumia 520 for damage of touch. They charged me R.2200/-. After repairing for the first time the touch did not work properly. When approached the second time, the agreed to change it again. Even after that it did not work properly. When I enquired they said it was a problem with the mother board and will cost me 75% of the mobile amount. They even rejected to repay the amount charged. But when I cross checked wit Nokia Care, I found out that they had used fake touch pad and even worse they changed the original display to a duplicate one. This is the worst service centre I have ever seen. Moreover the customer care females have the worst behaviour. They have been trained to cheat customers along with their store. Never buy anything from Poorvika.

Total Cheats and Robbers eating the loot from customers.

Kamalinee Mukherjee Aug 28, 2014
This Review is about Poorvika Mobile shop. Everyone talks lots about this shop so i thought to visit this shop, when i enter inside the shop one Executive greets me saying welcome to our store sir after some normal talk he ask me how can i help you sir?? then i replayed i just came here to see your shop and to know how many types of mobile phones you guys have, after listing this he said no problem sir please come with me i will show you the mobile phones in 15 or 20 minutes he showed me 10-12 different different mobile phones. I was very happy with his service he was knowing that i am not going to buy then also he showed me many mobiles. With this kind of response i feel no other mobile shop is better then this in Chennai i will definitely become your customer.

Keep it Up.

vasanththestar Aug 22, 2014

Hi I am Vasanth , I purchased my HTC desire 816 in poorvika Madurai simmakal branch, and I had free mobile cover for it worth Rs.1500 with HTC phone. At first I believe that phone cover is not worth as it since it is free but it really worth for Rs.1500. While I purchased I noticed it was damaged and I reported to them and I insist them to give another mobile cover. They told me that they were out of stock and so they will deliver new cover within 3 days. So I purchased the phone in a condition. When I enquired them about phone cover after 4 days they told that they will deliver by next day and I enquired on next day they told the same. Since I received the same answer for next 3 days, When I told them to return the phone on next day they gave me the cover. When I open it I found the same damaged cover which is pasted on damaged areas. When I tell them about it, I has no response on it.

santhosh kumar BV Aug 8, 2014
Boom head set not yet received I had purchased one samsung qutter at poorvika store indranagar Bangalore. The are offering free gift boom head set. purchase date 26.06.2014 , but not yet received above offer. many more times I call your staff mob no 8884128855. your staff not response. what can I DO. PLEASE RECTIFY ABOVE PROBLEM. Regards, Santhosh Kumar


roshini rosh Aug 4, 2014

I have got galaxy s4 before two months in poorvika .sales manager compelled us for an mobile insurance of rs 7000.due to his compels ion, v made an insurance policy.now before onemonths accidently my screen was broken.now when v claim for insurance these idiotic idiots cheated us.they r not giving our insurance money for repair

Prabhu J Jul 30, 2014
I have purchased Nexus 5 from one outlet in ECR and been cheated royally by the young team. I have planned only for the Apple product but the team convinced me showing the customer sitting next to me buying nexus 5 two handsets. The manager accepted to give the phone for 25K with a exchange of my one year old HTC desire and asked for the headphone box pack. And without any exchange the price is 29500/- They said the instrument will come to the store in 30 minutes and ask me to come back with the accessories. The called me around 10PM night. Once I reach there they put the bill 30000/ - 3800/- = 26200/- and reduced 200/- and made the bill for 26000/- They have cheated me 1000 Rs....I really feel ashame of the manager honesty and the commitment. Moreover the phone purchased sound quality is poor and i have reached the store they have taken back for servicing. There i found the same guy who bought Nexus 5 with me (2 handsets). Only then came to know the sales peson told him the same thing that I have bought 2 Nexus 5 handsets. He came to collect the handset purchsed 2 days back after handing over to the store for some heating problem. The store person cooly tell the customer that please come and collect after 2days and the person really got wild. So 3 handsets purchased on the same day having problem means there is a issue with the dealer. The phone problem is still not solved and handed over to the service center directly.

Please think twice before you enter Poorvika. Dont carried away by their smiling welcome!!!

Ketan Dhad Jun 11, 2014

I bought Xolo Q600 from Poorvika mobile store few months back for the best price. They were kind with me while purchasing the mobile. I told them my budget and requirement and they showed me almost 5 to 6 different models explaining each functions properly. After few months, mobile speaker was not working so i went there and told them the problem. They checked the phone, the bill and told me to submit it. After 2 days i got the mobile back and the speaker problem was solved. During all this process i felt their staff was polite and humble with me.

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