Just thought I would share my experience in case anyone looks to this thread for a comparison.

I have been with NRMA since I first started driving (about 10 years) and have called roadside assistance many times (locked keys, flat battery and mechanical problems). They have always sent a mechanic to assist me regardless of the situation. I have always found the mechanics they send out to be professional, friendly and helpful.

My partner's family were on holidays recently when their car started blowing smoke from the exhaust. They had recently topped up the oil, but had driven it since so thought they would call their roadside assistance provider (AAMI) just to be on the safe side. Because they admitted to having recently put oil in the car the 'lovely' call centre employee deemed that the problem was due to driver negligence and could only offer to send a tow truck at our own cost! After a heated conversation and being put through to the supervisor they still wouldn't budge. This left us stranded on a hot summers day on the side of the road. The supervisor claimed that AAMI offers no road side inspections, only tows (but later admitted that they would inspect the car prior to towing – somewhat contradictory). Having had the exact same situation happen with my own car and NRMA sent out a mechanic, no questions asked, I was somewhat baffled and annoyed that AAMI was willing to leave us on the side of the road (the phone call ended with a threat of legal action).

Although this is only my experience I should hope that others considering switching to AAMI seriously reconsider. I can't reiterate enough how friendly and considerate NRMA have always been now in comparison to AAMI. I can personally attest that the $30 saving probably isn't worth it considering AAMI's reluctance to send out any assistance unless they absolutely have to.

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