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You can estimate your motor insurance premiums and apply online to renew your policy at iMoney. Simply complete our application form, and our auto insurance partners will renew your policy as well as your road tax in one convenient process.

Product Highlights & Information

Motor Takaful offers many benefits that policy holders can use when encountering major inconveniences (such as being stranded at the accident site) related to road accidents and car breakdowns.

  • 24 hour roadside repair
  • 24 hour towing service
  • Taxi*
  • Car rental*
  • Hotel accommodation*
  • Friends and family assistance like 24 hour roadside repairs and 24 hours towing service*
  • Out of country assistance in Singapore and Thailand like vehicle repatriation to Malaysia* and free 24 hours towing service.
  • Emergency medical assistance **

*Onward benefits that are limited to 3 times a year.

**Cost borne by policy holder. Services arranged by Motor Takaful.

Auto Assist Services

If your car is stuck in the middle of nowhere with nowhere to go, fret not, Motor Takaful users have free access to the 24 hour Auto Assist program. This program covers a 24-hour emergency towing & minor roadside repair, alternative travel assistance, arrangement for hotel accommodation, referral to service centres, and emergency messaging service for you to contact your family and others in the event of an accident.

Company Profile

Motor Takaful is a product of Etiqa which is supported by Maybank, Malaysia’s largest bank. Currently, Etiqa is a multi-channel Insurance and Takaful products distributor and is known as the largest Takaful distributor in the nation. It boasts a 23,000 agency force, 30 Insurance and Takaful branches, more than 450 Maybank branches, ATMs and other third-party banks offering complete accessibility and full convenience to customers. Fundamentally, Etiqa believes in making Insurance and Takful human and relatable.

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