AAMI cans irritating ad after customers threaten to boycott them

Published:01:14 EST, 14 July 2016 |Updated:03:51 EST, 14 July 2016

An ad so irritating that annoyed customers threatened to boycott the business has been pulled after a barrage of complaints.

The ad, by insurance company AAMI, featured a young girl playing an out of tune recorder, producing a screeching sound some compared to fingernails scraping down a chalkboard.

It was so bitterly disliked that some customers wrote to the company to demand their advertising team be sacked.

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The ad, by insurance company AAMI, features a young girl making screeching sounds on her recorder while her parents wait for help

An AAMI spokesman told Daily Mail Australia the original ad had been replaced with a 'sweeter sounding' version in response to customer feedback.

'We had a number of people saying they weren't happy with the ads,' he said.

'We've listened to them and, rather than digging in our heels, we've altered it.'

The ad was replaced with a version in which the girl plays the nursery rhyme Frère Jacques instead.

On Tuesday AAMI announced they would be replacing the ad, also apologising for battering their customers' eardrums

An AAMI spokesman confirmed that the ad had been replaced with a 'sweeter sounding' version in response to customer feedback

Customers vented their anger over the ad on AAMI's Facebook page, as well as their relief that it had been changed. 

'Thank you for changing that ad. Don't care what anyone says that recorder made it one of the worst ads ever,' one customer said. 

She continued: 'I don't think I ever really watched it because as soon as I heard that horrible sound, I had to turn it off.'  

Another customer added: 'Every time it came on I got a massive pain in my ears because I have sensitive hearing. One time I nearly threw the remote through the screen.'

AAMI customers took to social media to vent their frustration and irritation at the original ad

Relieved customers were grateful the company switched to a version which instead had the girl playing the nursery rhyme Frère Jacques

Some customers disliked the ad so much they threatened to leave AAMI and join another insurance provider

AAMI announced it was replacing the ad on Tuesday in a Facebook post that also apologised for battering customers' eardrums.

The post read: 'A sincere 'Thanks' to everyone who took the time to let us know what you thought about our latest ad (even those Tweets suggesting our ad team be retrenched ).

'We've listened to your feedback, so, rather than insisting you wait for what's coming up we thought you'd like to know we're airing this slightly different version from today.

'Apologies for all the battered eardrums and howling dogs out there.'

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