Auto Insurance for Drivers Over 80

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  • According to research, senior driver accidents are equal to that of teens; after age 85, that ratio is four times higher than teens
  • Controversy remains as to if senior drivers should be required at a certain age to take vision and road tests when renewing their licenses
  • Even after restrictions have been applied after taking a vision and road test, those restrictions are not regularly monitored
  • Certain groups, programs, and discounts can help a senior cut down auto insurance rates and make them a safe driver

Should the over 80 car insurance demographic be assessed yearly for renewal? That is what some people are saying, but who is in the position to establish an age when senior drivers should lose driving privileges?

Many people who are fortunate enough to reach the age of 80 do not have the faculties they used to. Reflexes are slower for this group, and many can not see as well as they used to.

Are insurance carriers, state legislators, or DMV taking a stand, or are they leaving it to the family to say when?

Everybody in the over 80 car insurance demographic is different. There are some seniors who are as sharp as some 50 to 60-year-old drivers. One thing is for certain, however, and that is, after a certain point in life, the risk of injuring or killing someone on the road multiplies.

The risk is similar to having a teen driver on the road.

According to a study at Carnegie Mellon University and AAA, 75 to 84-year-old accident related deaths are equal to that of teenagers. After age 85, that ratio is four times higher than teen drivers.

Who will take responsibility for the changes that are happening?

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Over 80: Car Insurance Industry Policy


The insurance industry is in the business to sell insurance to any and everyone who is willing and able to purchase it. The recent stand on the issue is that senior liability is less than that of teens. Many seniors exercise self-regulation when it comes to deciding when it is time to give up driving independence.

The insurance industry does not want to engage in age discrimination, and therefore, does not promote placing restrictions on drivers whom they believe to be more responsible than the teen demographic.

Senior premiums are only slightly higher than the average rate. The over 80 car insurance crowd still pays less than teen drivers.

DMV’s Policy on Over 80 Car Insurance Demographic

DMV allow driver’s license renewal by mail every five to six years in most states. Only 15 states require renewals every two to four years for seniors over 65, and annually after age 87.

Drivers over 75 are not required to show up in person for renewals except in three states where you are required to take a road test. 16 states require vision tests.

The position that state legislators, such as former senator Tom Hayden of California, promote is to have the DMV require more frequent renewals with vision and road tests after a certain age. The problem is the issue of age discrimination which is upheld by senior advocates like AARP.

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Florida is having a big problem with accidents involving seniors who are receiving wrist slaps for fatal car crashes. Other states are reporting climbing numbers in incidents of this nature. Nobody wants to throw an 80-year-old in jail for manslaughter, but families are losing loved ones and are speaking out as a result.

It is usually after an accident that people in this age group realize that it is time to surrender the keys.

Restrictions are being placed on the small percentages that have to take vision and road tests. Some of those restrictions include:

  • Sun up to sun down daytime driving
  • No highway driving
  • Refraining from driving during rush hour
  • Mandatory right side mirror
  • Area restrictions
  • Mandatory driving aids

These restrictions, albeit mandatory, are not highly regulated. If you know you have a restriction, it would be advisable to adhere to them every time you are behind the wheel.

You can report a person whom you believe to be unfit for the road. Law enforcement, physicians, family or friends can contact DMV and request a reevaluation of anyone they believe to be a danger to themselves and others.

How to Save on Over 80 Car Insurance Policies

There is no limitation on the number of carriers who offer over 80 car insurance policies. As long as the purchaser is able to maintain premiums, there is no restriction on insurers.

AAA and AARP are strong proponents of helping seniors maintain their independence with safety driving courses and programs.

Participation in safety driving programs through senior connections not only helps to save in premiums, but they also help to lessen the number of accidents. Since most seniors drive less distance in older vehicles, over 80 car insurance policyholders can also save by decreasing the amount of coverage they need or getting low mileage discounts.

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