Pregnant. No health insurance. where do I go for prenatal care??

Hi ladies, I really need your help... Im pregnant with no health insurance and I dont know where to go to get prenatal care for me and my baby without it costing me an arm and a leg. My husband and I are not eligible for medicaid and I tried to get regular insurance but neveda does not have a maternity rider and to have the insurance cover the pregnancy, I would have to be a policy owner for two years before they cover the expense. I'm so frustrated because I dont know what to do or where to go to get prenatal care and how will I deliver my baby without it costing me a fortune? Please help with answers for OB/GYN doctors, clinics, hospital or some sort of insurance that I can apply for... Thank you in advance for your kindness.

I was in the same boat and i just went to the medicaid office with a paper showing that i was pregnant.. you can print out the forms that you need to fill out which i highly recommend that you do that cause there are like 20 pages. and go to the medicaid office early cause there are a lot of people there.. Good luck

I know your probably freaking out right now and so overwhelmed but you do have options and there are resources available. You are definitely not alone or the first person to ever deal with this issue. 

If you want to go the OB route, talk to their billing/insurance department. They can set you up with a payment plan for your prenatal care and delivery. The total price, usually around $2000, will probably include check-ups, 1 ultrasound and the doctor's delivery fee for an uncomplicated vaginal delivery. If your high risk or want/need a c-section, the price will go up. Labs usually aren't included either. Some doctors have their own lab in office but sometimes it's cheaper to get a lab slip from your doctor's office and go to a lab (Quest, Labcorp) yourself (they might offer you a discounted rate or payment plan). Or if you have insurance already, just not maternity coverage, they can bill your labs separately to your insurance and they could be covered (those not exclusive to pregnancy such as STD testing, paps, cultures etc.).

The hospital stay, epidural (if you want one) and baby/nursery charges are all a separate bill. If you know for sure you want an epidural, paying for it in advance is cheaper than when your actually in labor. Your doctor's office can also give you some resources about any hospital run programs for uninsured moms (like the Baby Rose program through St. Rose Hospital) or you can call the hospital directly for an estimate or information. They will work with you too and set up a payment plan.

If a homebirth is something you'd consider, see a midwife. There is a place called Well Rounded Momma in Henderson that can answer your questions and listen to any concerns, they'll be able to point you in the right direction. There are also other midwives in town but you might have to do some asking around. Ithinka midwife's fee covers prenatal care, delivery and a post partum check up. I'm sure a newborn exam is included too.      

Get informed, take it a step at a time and get the ball rollingnow . It's not going to be cheap, but this isn't the time to go without, regret costs a lot more. Get some prenatal care and hang in there mommy! 

I've been there!  Fortunately, we ended up qualifying for Medicaid, but it took a while to get that going (I think I was 4 months along when I finally got approved).

I believe I went through a program called "Baby Your Baby"; I was trying to find a good link, but all I could come up with real quick was from Sunrise Hospital or their actual website that has financial help for Utah.  So you might google it and see if you can find more; the other thing you can do is call the health district (I think that's how I ended up with that information); or, if you have a regular OBGYN, they might know some other resources.

It's been over 4 years, so I don't know if they still do things the same way, but, as far as I remember, they had me sign up for the program, where it would have cost about $3000 total for the birth, plus maybe $500 or so for Dr. visists or labs (I'm not completely sure of the total amounts, but seem to remember it was somewhere around $3500 total).  I had to declare at which of the hospitals that were affiliated with the program I wanted to have the baby and then was assigned a doctor.

You might check with Medicaid anyway, if you haven't already - I didn't think we'd qualify, either.  My older son was on Nevada Checkup (which is what you can possibly get your baby into if you don't qualify for Medicaid).   

Good luck to you!

Thank you very much ladies. This has been so stressful and frightening for me but with all your suggestions.. I feel hopeful. I am going to look into all the options you ladies offered and I'm sure I'll find something. Again, Thank You!

Get a midwife & have a homebirth.  Some charge as little as $2000.  And that does cover all the prenatals, the birth, and post-natal appointments.

Go online and print the app for welfare.  It's 20 pages and it's fast to fill out.  Just fill it out and drop it off to the office and they will send you a letter within 2-10 days and set up and interview and everything.  You get coverage in the month you apply and you really don't have to pay for anything.  I have health insurance with my company, but I was put on bed rest in feb and I just applied for medicaid I wish I had done it earlier.  Good luck

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