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About MileMeter Auto Insurance…

Founded in 2008 in Dallas, Texas, the company was the first in the Nation to dedicate itself exclusively to selling low cost car insurance by the mile, commonly known as mile-based or usage-based car insurance.

Rates are based on the type of vehicle covered and how many miles that vehicle is driven and its premise is simply: drive less, pay less.

Currently, MileMeter Auto Insurance only operates in Texas but is looking at expanding its operation into other states.

What the industry is saying about MileMeter Auto Insurance…

The Texas National Organization for Women gives MileMeter Auto Insurance high marks for offering alternative car insurance for women based on miles not stereotypes.

According to the Brookings Institute, a Washington think tank, many of the Nation’s households could save on car insurance premiums through pay-per mile car insurance. The institute’s research also estimates that pay-per mile coverage would reduce driving across the Nation by almost eight percent.

Choose MileMeter Auto Insurance because…

It’s perfect for environmentally-conscious drivers and since they are a strictly online operation they can offer Texans some of the lowest car insurance quotes in the state through a traditional six-month policy.

Drivers can choose the quantity of miles they want and pay for them from the convenience of their home, in addition to printing out their policy and insurance cards.

MileMeter’s innovative insurance offers drivers the flexibility to adjust their insurance to their driving habits. Drivers can buy more miles, if needed, and they can also roll over their unused miles.

MileMeter respects a driver’s privacy and does not use a GPS or some other type of tracking device and instead relies on the honor system. Drivers photograph their odometers and send them in periodically for verification.

They don’t skip on coverage and can provide everything the major insurance companies offer including:

Discounts offered by MileMeter Auto Insurance…

Drivers save on average 40% through a MileMeter pay-per-mile policy.

Additionally, unused miles are credited when drivers renew their MileMeter pay-per-mile policy.

What about their customer service and claims processing?

Customer service representatives can be reached via MileMeter’s toll-free phone number or their website.

Claims processing is just as easy through their toll-free number.

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