Ana Compania De Seguros Car Insurance Review

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  • Ana Compania De Seguros offers several options for car insurance coverage
  • The company has multiple benefits and discounts for customers
  • Ana Compania is only available in Mexico

Ana Compania De Seguros is a car insurance company that was originally founded as the National Automobile Association (ANA) in 1930, providing roadside assistance.

However, beginning in 1995, the company started selling auto insurance policies and now offers coverage in Mexico as well as car insurance for tourists.

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Ana Compania Coverage

Benefits for car insurance offered through Ana Compania De Seguros vary based on the package purchased, but they can include features such as receiving a 10% increase of your car market value or an additional $10,000 pesos for substitute automobile coverage.

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A partial loss deductible applies under certain conditions, such as a cyclone, earthquake, falling trees, flooding, hail, hurricane, riots, or volcanic eruption, and in total loss accidents the deductible may be waived.

Any damage that occurs to the interior of your vehicle during an attempted robbery will be covered.

If your vehicle is stolen and is not recovered, or if your car sustains more than $10,000 in damages, then you qualify for a free car rental for up to 25 days.

In any situation of assault or robbery, Ana Compania de Seguros will provide you with legal advice.

Other benefits may include:

Tourists visiting Mexico may choose to purchase Tourist Auto Insurance from Ana Compania de Seguros, or ANA Insurance Company.

With it, you can elect to purchase coverage for collision, liability, medical, or theft.

In addition to providing you with financial protection to meet Mexico’s requirements, you can purchase automobile assistance to cover you for various incidents, such as towing or receiving prescription drugs.

Whether you live in Mexico or are just visiting, Ana Compania De Seguros offers car insurance policies to address the needs of many drivers.

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