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There was a time when there was no car insurance, and car insurance companies in South Africa didn’t exist. Fortunately we live in the 21st century, and we don’t have to worry about not having such an important service. But what exactly is the purpose of car insurance companies and the service they provide?

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Critics might say the purpose of car insurance companies is to make money, simple. Although that may be 100% true, these businesses only make money when one good thing happens – when you do not claim, which is a very good thing. Most claims on your policy are for real car accidents, which at the worst could cause a loss of life or impairment from the activities you and/or others are used to. Don’t you think it’s a good then that car insurance companies are there to help you out on the occurrence of such incidents?

South Africa has many motor vehicle insurers, each with a varying degree of products and services. The greater good of car insurance companies these days is that they work with you and for you. What started out as a mere trend in the 90s, cash back if you do not claim, has become almost universal among the different insurers these days; many offering as much as 25% of your premiums back if you do not claim for anything between three and four years, or a whole year’s premiums back. Of course cash back doesn’t mean mean this year if you are getting rands equivalent to three years ago, all thanks to money eating Mr. Inflation. The most innovative insurers will give you a cash bonus that’s adjusted for inflation.

Another trend that’s become popular is the so-called pay as you drive, which is kind of like pre-paid insurance. It also has its merits, and it looks like it’s here to stay. If you drive less this month than the next month, say holidaying in December, you will pay as per kilometres traveled.

Most car insurance companies have annual increasing premiums. The deal with this is that because you car is getting older, it needs better servicing, on the event of it needing a fitting, the replacement part would be more difficult to source as newer models of the car are introduced, and again, considering the baddy Mr. Inflation. Recently, some in the business have introduced a decreasing premiums model because they say because the value of your car always depreciates, it’s best that your premiums also decrease.

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We at Compare Car Insurance see room for all these different products and services, it is solely up to you to decide whether which really suite you and your needs.

Vehicles come in many different forms – 4-wheel automobiles, 2-wheel motor bikes, even watercraft. Vehicle insurance has come to mean cover for any of those and specialist cars. Specialist car insurance comes with options to cover your exotic cars, classic cars, and any belongings that might come with them. Specialist car insurance is also great for travellers. There are many options for 4×4 drivers who cross borders from South Africa to other African states who get special preference in this case.

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N.B. Your information is confidential, and will never be sold or rented to anyone. It is only used to provide you with the best possible insurance quote based on your personal criteria.

The list of car insurance companies in South Africa go the extra mile to give insurance buyers a universal service, thus your motor, household, medical and business insurance can be covered by the same insurer on one or different policies. This integrated approach is usually at your benefit because having a relationship with one insurer means reduced premiums on what could have maybe cost more where it not insurance coming from one company.

Vehicle finance is another important aspect of owning a car. Most credible car dealers have relationships with the big banks and other financial services companies to forward vehicle finance to you when you need it. This however, usually requires that you have car insurance first or immediately conclude a policy at the moment you take ownership of the car.

Comprehensive cover is the best way to protect yourself against your car being damaged in an accident, stolen or hijacked, and provides relief to any third party affected as a result of your or his/her doing. Most vehicle finance offers require that you take out comprehensive car insurance before the financing loan is extended to you. Comprehensive cover always comes with added benefits, some of which we have already touched on, like cash back bonuses after a few claim free years, medical care should you need it due to an accident, roadside assistance, and even cover when you are beyond the borders of South Africa.

Car Insurance Companies protect your assets!

Like we said, car insurance companies are actually good guys. Whenever you feel a bit overcharged, just a bit, on your premiums, know that a little portion of that money goes to the Road Accident Fund. This is our way of socialising car insurance whenever anyone without the right cover or without any cover at all needs help. The Road Accident Fund is directly dependent on your contributions which assists all road users in South Africa.

We deal with only the best car insurance companies in South Africa, and here is what we have to say about each one. This is a comprehensive list of car insurance companies that we partner with.

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